Chapter 13

Functional antecedents sds ss moseos antecedents when

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Unformatted text preview: s? Functional Antecedents: SDs SΔs MOs/EOs Antecedents - When, where, with whom, what circumstances or situations does When, the behavior occur? the - Social and environmental antecedents Behavior: Problem behavior Alternative behavior Alternative Response effort Response Consequences for problem behavior and alternative behavior: Positive or negative reinforcement Positive - What does the person get or get out of following the behavior? - Social and environmental consequences - Factors to consider Schedule of reinforcement Magnitude of reinforcement Immediacy of reinforcement Categories of Reinforcement Categories (Functions of Problem Behaviors) Social positive reinforcement Social attention, praise, reactions, activities, things attention, (mediated by others) (mediated Social negative reinforcement escape from tasks, activities, interactions (mediated by others) Automatic positive reinforcement sensory stimulation (not mediated by others) Automatic negative reinforcement relief from pain, anxiety, or other aversive stimulation relief (not mediated by others) (not Examples Examples A 4 year old’s tantrums antecedents: parent makes requests during preferred activities consequences: escape from requested activity; continues preferred activity A 4 year old’s tantrums antecedents: child told he can’t have something consequences: gets the thing he asked for A 4 year old’s tantrums antecedents: teacher busy with other students consequences: teacher directs attention to the child A 4 year old’s tantrums Antecedents: teacher makes academic demand Consequences: teacher provides extended interaction and assistance...
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