Chapter 13

When he is home with his mom andrew often plays with

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Unformatted text preview: ng 8 year old who is in 3rd Andrew grade. When he is home with his mom, Andrew often plays with his Game Boy. When his mom asks Andrew to complete a task while he’s playing with his Game Boy, he says “in a few minutes.” If his mom repeats the request, he screams “no,” yells at his mom, and complains that his mom is mean to him. His mom gets frustrated and tells him he’ll have to do the task when he is done with his game. However, she rarely follows through. When Andrew is not playing with him Game Boy and mom asks him to do something, he usually does it without any problems. something, Problem behavior: noncompliance Alternative behavior: __________________ Antecedents: SD____________ EO ______________ Reinforcing consequence: _____________________ Treatment options: _____________________...
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