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When his parents try to use hand over hand guidance

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Unformatted text preview: __ Eric is an 8 year old with autism. When his parents try to use hand-over-hand guidance to get him to brush is teeth, he screams and bites his wrist. As a result, his parents stop trying to get him to brush his teeth. This same sequence occurs each morning. As a result, he has not had his teeth brushed for years. He now has inflamed gums which makes brushing painful. Problem behavior: wrist biting Problem Alternative behavior: ______________ Antecedents: SD, ________ EO __________ Reinforcing consequence: ____________ Treatment options: _____________________ Zoe is a typically developing 5 year old in Kindergarten half days. When she is home with her mom, her mom (a college student) is often studying and Zoe is playing by herself for long periods of time. When her mom asks Zoe to complete a task, Zoe screams “no,” cries, and calls her mom names. Her mom then scolds her, tries to talk her into doing what she is told, and repeats the request many times before Zoe eventually complies. Zoe does not engage in this behavior when asked to do things at school. school. Problem behavior: noncompliance Alternative behavior: ____________________ Antecedents: SD_____________ EO ______________ Reinforcing consequence: _________________ Treatment options: ________________________ Andrew is a typically developi...
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