Chapter 13

Control conditions test present eo and reinforcer for

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Unformatted text preview: ent Test and control conditions – – – Test – present EO and reinforcer for problem behavior Control – present AO and no reinforcer for prob. beh. Examples – attention, escape, tangible, etc. Conducting a Functional Assessment Conducting Begin with an interview or other indirect assessment method method Develop a hypothesis about the antecedents and Develop consequences (the function of the behavior) consequences Conduct direct observation assessments Confirm or modify original hypothesis based on direct Confirm observation assessment observation If assessments are consistent, develop and implement If treatment that addresses the function of the behavior treatment If indirect and direct assessments are not consistent, If conduct further functional assessments conduct Conduct functional analysis to confirm hypothesis or Conduct functional resolve inconsistency between indirect and direct assessment assessment Bob is a 10 year old with a diagnosis of LD. He is part time special ed. and part time regular ed. He engages in disruptive behavior (complaining, making noises, pounding his desk) in the regular ed. class when he has to...
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