Chapter 13

Manipulate exploratory evaluate a number of possible

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Unformatted text preview: dents and/or consequences 3. manipulate - exploratory - evaluate a number of possible functions or or - hypothesis testing – test and control condition for one function hypothesis Functional Assessment Questions Problem behaviors Problem - Describe all the behaviors involved in the problem. - Is there a predictable sequence of behaviors? Antecedents - When, where, and with whom does the problem When, behavior occur? behavior - What circumstances, situations, or activities lead to the What problem behavior? problem - Are there emotional or behavioral predictors of the Are problem behavior? problem - Is the problem behavior related to medication, medical Is condition, pain, discomfort, problems with sleep, other biological factors, or other setting events? biological Functional Assessment Questions (con’t) Functional Consequences - What happens when the problem behavior occurs? - How do people react to the problem behavior? - What does the behavior get for the child? - What does the child escape from or avoid by engaging What in the behavior? in Alternative behaviors - What do you want the child to do instead of the What problem? problem? - Would this desirable...
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