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Tantrums antecedents sibling touches his toys

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Unformatted text preview: A 4 year old’s tantrums antecedents: sibling touches his toys consequences: sibling stops touching his toys consequences: Examples Examples 17 year old’s hair pulling antecedents: alone, negative thoughts and emotions consequences: relief from negative thoughts/emotions 17 year old’s hair pulling/manipulation Antecedents: alone, watching TV Consequences: tactile stimulation 17 year old’s hair pulling Antecedents: watching TV, mom busy in the room Consequences: attention 8 year old’s wrist biting Antecedents: during tooth brushing, sore gums Consequences: escape from tooth brushing 18 year old’s binge eating 18 Antecedents: alone, sad, negative thinking Antecedents: Consequences: relief from negative feeling/thoughts A 6 year old child with autism hand waving Antecedents: not engaged in a task or interaction Consequences: visual stimulation Functional Assessment Methods Functional 1. Indirect (informant) assessment 1. - behavioral interview - questionnaires and rating scales 2. Direct observation assessment - descriptive A-B-C recording - checklist recording of A-B-Cs checklist - interval recording of A-B-Cs interval 3. Functional analysis - manipulate antece...
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