Engineering Electromagnetics with CD (McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical Engineering)

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EE 151 Caltech Electromagnetic Engineering Spring ‘05 Homework 6 Due Tuesday, May 17 th in class 1. ( Dielectric Waveguide ) A symmetric dielectric slab waveguide, as shown in Figure 1, has n 1 = 1.462, n 2 = 1.460. Suppose the operating wavelength is λ 0 = 1550 nm. (a) What is the maximum slab thickness 2d, for which there would only be a single mode that could propagate in the waveguide? (b) Assume d = 12 µ m. How many TE modes can propagate simultaneously in the waveguide? n 2 n 2 n 1 x d z -d Figure 1. 2. ( Thin File-On-Conductor Waveguide ). A thin film-on-conductor waveguide is made of a thin film of lossless dielectric ( ε d, µ 0 ) of thickness d on a perfectly conducting ground plane, as shown in Figure 2. The thin film is protected by a lossless dielectric coating ( ε 1, µ 0 ). Assume the widths and heights of the coating and the ground plane extend to infinity. The wave propagates in the y direction.
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