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I tried not to ask too many questions about things that were printed on the slides, but you still need to know that stuff. Med Micro Final Practice Questions 1. S. aureus has two pathogenic factors that allow it to prevent phagocytosis. Name the two pathogenic factors and the role they each play in this process. 2. Because S. aureus has Coagulase and Catalase it can be identified via the Coagulase Test and Catalase tests. Is Coagulase a pathogenic factor and what is the role coagulase plays during a S. aureus tissue infection? What role does Catalase play during S. aureus infection? 3. In 1980 women that used a certain brand of tampons began getting menstruation associated Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). (a) What are the symptoms of TSS? (b) What is the organism that was responsible for this and did it become invasive? Explain. (c) What is the specific name of the toxin that caused this TSS and what type of toxin is it? (d) Explain mechanistically how this toxin causes TSS. a) rash, fever, shock b) Staph c) Toxic Shock Syndrom Toxin-1 superantigen, polyclonnaly activates T cells by crosslinking MHC Class II cells and Tcells. d) 4. What is the purpose of the SCCmec gene segment in MRSA? What does it stand for? Staph Casseste Chromosome can move from bacteria to bacteria, transferring pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance 5. Go through the process of identifying GAS that is believed to be causing strep throat. How would you treat this infection if it is GAS? Gram stain
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course MCDB 139 taught by Professor Eardley during the Fall '07 term at UCSB.

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Final_practice_blank07 - Note: Use these questions as a...

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