42p89 fig43p90 the voltage change across the membrane

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Unformatted text preview: a membrane Fig. 4‐2, p. 89 Fig. 4‐3, p. 90 • The voltage change across the membrane gets smaller with distance from the initiation zone. Action Potential Propagation (cont’d) • The spread of excitability in a neuron is directional Fig. 4‐8, p. 95 Fig. 4‐9a, p. 97 Action Potential Propagation (cont’d) Contiguous Conduction Fig. 4‐9, p. 97 Action Potential Propagation (cont’d) Saltatory Conduction & Myelination Important Points: • Composed of lipids • Two types of glia • Schwann – PNS • Oligodendrocytes - CNS • Nodes of Ranvier • Gaps between myelin segments Fig. 4-12, p. 100 Action Potential Propagation (cont’d) Action Saltatory Conduction & Myelination Fig. 4-13, p. 101...
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