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an hyperpolarizing event could be efflux of a

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Unformatted text preview: cationic channel THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX !! An Hyperpolarizing Event • Could be efflux of a positive ion • Could be influx of a negative ion • Could be closing of an anionic channel Fig. 4-16, p. 106 Neuron-to-Neuron Communication: Summation of inputs Fig. 4-17, p. 109 Neuron-to-Neuron Communication: Chemicals involved in the chemical synapse: • All neurotransmitters bind to multiple types of receptors. • The direction of the response in the postsynaptic cell (excitation or inhibition) is dictated by the activity of the receptor, not the neurotransmitter. • Circuitry also affects the direction and magnitude of the response. Neuron-to-Neuron Communication: Variety of connections Fig. 4-18, p. 111 Neuron-to-Neuron Communication: The Electrical Synapse Fig. 3-6, p. 60...
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