Mktg Final Review

Mktg Final Review - Quiz 1 1 According to Sloan among other...

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Quiz 1 1. According to Sloan, among other things, teachers in the mktg. discipline: e. a & c only—only learning opportunities and fill up the students with discipline specific knowledge 2. Sloan says the learning environment is messed up with: d. all of the above— abuse of substances, addictive attractions, multiple distractions 3. The recommended approach to info. Overload so it can be partly managed in this course is: d. a & b only—due diligence and having a framework to sort out and hang the terms and factoids 4. Sloan says he has himself seen leaps in progress in critical technology in: e. all of these—computational and info tech, the IT related area of communications tech, transportation tech, and the marketing area itself 5. Books recommended by Sloan for historical perspective are: d. all of these—The Borderless World, The World is Flat, and The Fifties 6. The streams of activity in this course include: e. all of these—mastery of marketing model foundations, benefiting from text materials, coming up with a marketing plan, and reviewing concepts and vocabulary 7. For an average student, we recommend 6 hours of out of class study and assigned material review for each 180 minutes in the classroom 8. For an undergrad, quizzes like this one will accumulate to a total value of: d. 150 points of the total 1000 course points available or 15% of the course 9. To get a course A, I need to earn: b. 930 points and to get a B i need to earn 850 points 10. If I earn a certificate of completion of GIS, I can earn: c. 50 bonus points and it will cost me $0. Quiz 2 1. According to the specific AMA definition in text, marketing is both: b. a set of processes and an organizational function 2. According to the SAMA def., marketing includes: e. a & b only—communicating and creating 3. According to the text, empowerment refers to delegating authority: e. all but c— to anyone throughout the firm regardless of their job if contacted by a customer, to the front line customer service, so employees can do the right thing when needed to serve a customer 4. Relationship marketing focuses on: b. keeping and improving relationships with current customers 5. Customer value, in terms stated in the text is simply: c. the relationship between customer perceived benefits and the sacrifices required 6. Corporate social responsibility is : d. business concern for societal welfare 7. Sustainability offers the idea that: d. all of these—companies who care and act on that thrive, socially responsible companies will outperform their peers, companies can view social problems as a profitable opportunity 8. A target market is : a. a defined group most likely to buy a product 9. Demography can best be described as: e. the study of people’s vital statistics
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Mktg Final Review - Quiz 1 1 According to Sloan among other...

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