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PSYC 4364 Exam 1 - 3 SD proper put it all together*example patient with PTSD using SD-the classic response to fear is avoidance 1 exposure expose

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Psychology of Trauma - PSYC 4364 - Fall 2007 - Exam 1 Evidence-based versus evidence-informed treatments -evidence-based treatments are empirically validated; randomized  trial involving  subject -evidence-informed treatments have some  components  of the treatment strategy  that have  been empirically tested, but not the strategy itself; no randomized trial -replication of study, diversity of sample, high-powered studies - all very important for an empirically  validated study -one silver lining to Katrina is that is allowed us access to more people of color in psychological  research Systematic Desensitization (SD) 1. Deep muscle relaxation (DMR) 2. Fear hierarchy (visualize least or most anxiety-provoking images)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. SD proper - put it all together **example: patient with PTSD using SD:-the classic response to fear is avoidance 1. exposure - expose subject to fearful stimuli 2. DMR 3. cognitive restructuring - help subject make sense of everything (assimilation: to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend; accommodation: the providing of what is needed or desired for convenience) 4. psychoeducation - relay to subject that such responses are normal-the number one predictor of stress following traumatic events is traumatic reminders-the number one predictor of how you will deal with a traumatic event is previous psychopathology...
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