HIST notes - 21/5/07 US obtained its objective • Defeated...

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Unformatted text preview: 21/5/07 US obtained its objective • Defeated Axis powers Unintended consequence: cold war • At beginning US was on top • Virtually no physical damage to US after WWII • US had largest Air Force and 2 nd largest Army (behind the Red Army) • US had nukes, ½ of the worlds industrial output • For every American death: 15 German, 60 Soviet Disarming after WWII • Military dissolves US decided to be a part of world security UN Growing alarm about breaking alliance with Soviets Joint occupation of Germany (US, UK, USSR) Soviet occupation of European land for ‘security’ reason • Seen like land grabbing towards the west Kennith- • Said typical Russian style was to expand for its own security • Led to cold war plans containment Government used military containment Kennith wanted political containment • Also saw containment as doing more damage that it was preventing 1947 security act: • presents concern about being prepared in future • Retained the JCS + national security council + how to mobilize resources • Created the DOD: an overall security department that would determine which branch would do what • Created CIA: to spy • Created NSA: code breaking 1947: USAF became its own branch mission the same as Mitchell said • Attack war making capability not the forces Truman Doctrine: • Commits US to outside states that are being pressured by outside forces • (US would aid (not go to war) and country that was being pressure by communism) European Recovery program (Marshal Plan): • US would approve grants to help countries rebuild their economy to keep out communism 1948: Soviet elements in Checklaslovician government took over Draft reinstated because of pressure and alarm of soviet activity Universal Military Training: all American citizens eligible for the draft would go through training and then into the reserves (kind of like the Swiss system, every one would be ready for action) Not implemented, went back to draft system Soviets cut off water and road access to Allied sectors of Berlin (Berlin Blockade) • Led to Berlin Airlift: o US UK and French aircraft used 3 airstrips to deliver supplies to Berlin o Over 11 months, ¾ of supplies delivered by US o Soviets back down • Germans (Berliners) now saw the US, UK as allies and vise versa Spies told Stalin that the US didn’t have many nukes or capability to deliver them. Executive Order 9981: Military had to integrate • Navy and Marines had no problem • Army resisted 1949: Peace time military alliance NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 2 sides of containment • 1. Deterrence + having the muscle to back it up (the bomb) • 2. Collective security, Marshal Plan, NATO 1 st intercontinental bomber B-36 (atomic bomber) Soviets reverse engineer the B-29 22/5/07 1949: Soviets test A-bomb • “stole” plans from Manhattan projects • took as many German scientists as possible • Stalin was determined started project in 1943 Now US and USSR more or less on equal terms...
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HIST notes - 21/5/07 US obtained its objective • Defeated...

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