Final Study Guide - Mexico corporatism government labor and...

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Mexico corporatism : government, labor and industry are aligned and centralized. import substitution industrialization (ISI) Build up industries in order to not to important. There ends up being no specialization, they like not having to deal with individual countries and it builds economy and increase employment. It doesn’t work, countries need to specialize, they end up falling far behind and into debt because it is very expensive . It neglects small scale industry. Used in Iran and Mexico. Three effects of colonial rule: Centralized, top down approach: creates instability. Corporatism: debt. Labor relations: certain groups better off, racial divisions and animosity and a power struggle (3 groups) Knowing why the PRI was able to rule from circa 1920 - 2000 without any significant challenge (until 1988) would also seem to be important. Elections in Mexico were relatively clean in Mexico between 1930 and the mid-1980s, but the PRI had some huge advantages that allowed it to always win power: PRI: wanted to use food and money to pay people off and keep them happy, increase in patronage and increased centralized government. In-clusionary corporatism, they created a lot of stability, organized interest groups from top down. Autonomous groups would be absorbed into corporatist structure giving government a tight control over popular interest. Was used to create political stability and industrialization. The emergence of two factions within the PRI during the 1980s would seem pretty important too. Historically speaking, it is interesting to understand the reasons for political instability during the 1800s and what happened during the Porfiriato: era that ruled Mexico under a unified central government, strong economic growth that gives rise to new social classes and then Mexican revolution. . Also, you may want to review the reasons behind the Mexican Revolution: (which lasted for about a decade). While the revolutionary war between 1910-20
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Final Study Guide - Mexico corporatism government labor and...

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