2.2 Ramamurthy and Goldman

2.2 Ramamurthy and Goldman - Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 20...

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Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 20 February 2007 English 131 Q 2.2: How Goldman Builds Ramamurthy’s Claims In Constructing Illusions , Anandi Ramamurthy builds her argument off the writings of Robert Goldman in Reading Ads Socially. Ramamurthy uses Goldman’s analysis of how social relations affect advertisements to support part of her claim that society’s expectations create advertisements that wrongly follow stereotypes. Goldman’s extensive writing and acceptance as a scholar on the subject lends credibility to Ramamurthy’s claims. Goldman’s book, which is cited in the work of over thirty five different authors, provides a powerful framework for advancing Ramamurthy’s argument that advertisements portray societal trends and stereotypes and lends examples to her work. Robert Goldman is well known scholar on the subject “of how capitalism expresses itself through advertising imagery and symbols” (Schroeder). Goldman lays out the argument for how advertising serves to reinforce society’s status quo. He explains that advertisements are simply reinforcing what is considered the social norm. As a result, advertisements can be used to “deconstruct society” (Goldman). And this deconstruction opens up to “an intense scrutiny of the society in which [we] live” (Goldman). Goldman continues to explain how advertising directs consumers to focus imaginary meanings in advertisements that rarely apply to the product itself. These arguments that Goldman has written on are of great interest to Ramamurthy while she forms the claim that advertising is having a negative affect on society. Ramamurthy cites Goldman’s work at several key points throughout her writing.
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2.2 Ramamurthy and Goldman - Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 20...

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