2.3 Looking at an advertisement

2.3 Looking at an advertisement - Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 12...

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Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 12 March 2007 English 131 Q 2.3: Chrysler’s Identity Creation When Chrysler developed their new advertisement for the 300C SRTS they created an advertisement around building emotional appeals in their target audience. Anandi Ramamurthy’s Constructions of Illusions is a very powerful tool to use to break down the Chrysler advertisement and understand how it attempts shape the beliefs of their predominantly male audience. Ramamurthy’s writing is centered on how advertisements exist to create false meanings in products and how advertisers construct their advertisements to guide consumers to arrive at those meanings. The advertisement for the Chrysler 300C SRTS is easily broken down to be seen as an attempt by advertisers to create an identity in the new car that it holds power and elegance and if consumers purchase the car they will feel powerful and wealthy. It is important to understand the emotions and meanings advertisers attempt to create in this advertisement because they project stereotypes and rely on societal codes in an attempt to get consumers to purchase their products yet provide them with non of the false meanings they create. This is fundamentally dangerous for consumers and society because it leads to individuals making major purchases based on an identity which will wear off and leave them unsatisfied. One of the first aspects of an advertisement that a consumer notices is the lighting and colors that are being used. The Chrysler advertisement uses a simple mix of both dark and light silver. Social stereotypes have given these colors a strong, masculine connotation because dark colors are typically favored by males. If the advertisers had used yellow and purple the strength
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2.3 Looking at an advertisement - Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 12...

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