Major Paper 1 (judging reviews of movie remakes)

Major Paper 1 (judging reviews of movie remakes) - Bryant 1...

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Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 12 March 2007 English 131 Q Major Paper 1: The Failure of The Italian Job Reviews Remakes of popular movies have become very common and it has followed for critics to make inevitable comparisons between the original production and the remake. For many movies these comparisons are difficult to make. In the reproduction of The Italian Job , a high suspense action film in which a group of thieves plan and execute the robbery of millions of dollars in gold, the audiences’ perception of the movie, compared to the original, is changed due to transformations in the audience’s interpretive communities. An interpretive community is the compilation of everything someone has experienced in their life and how those experiences lead to interpretations and understandings of everything around them. The changes in interpretive communities between the original Italian Job and the remake encompass new expectations of special effects, changes in technology and modern day story lines. All of these alterations in interpretive communities result in completely different interpretations of the remake of The Italian Job and are the reason why comparing it to the original is a flawed concept. Stanley Fish has become well known for his concept of interpretive communities. He explains that our interpretation of everything is the direct result of what we have experienced in our lifetime and these experiences are our interpretive communities. Interpretive communities today are fundamentally different than those three decades ago, just as from person to person they are different. A film audience’s interpretive communities are responsible for the effectiveness of any particular film. Viewer’s interpretive communities create expectations of what a suspense film should look like and the emotions it should create. This is why someone may hate a film while it could be the next persons all time favorite. The writer of a movie must
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Bryant 2 connect the interpretive communities of the audience to the film itself or it will inevitably be seen as a “bad” film by most people. And this is why comparing The Italian Job remake to the original, two films from different time periods, is not reasonable. As time goes by, interpretive communities change and progress. When the remake of The Italian Job was being written, the interpretive communities it was trying to appeal to was different than those that the original was attempting to appeal to. One change in interpretive communities that makes the remake of
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Major Paper 1 (judging reviews of movie remakes) - Bryant 1...

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