Major Paper 2 - Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 1 March 2007 English...

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Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 1 March 2007 English 131 Q Major Paper 2: Dodge’s Attempt to Form Interpretive Communities Advertisements for new motor vehicles are prevalent all around our society yet most consumers do not understand just what those advertisements are seeking to accomplish. A particular advertisement for the new SRTS Charger produced by Dodge attempts to build an identity for the new car based on false meanings that give the consumer the feeling that the car will make them elite and powerful. While Dodge constructs the identity through strong language and stunning graphics, it is the consumer who eventually must interpret the advertisement. Stanley Fish, in his work entitled How to Recognize a Poem When You See One, explains that the way individuals make interpretations are based on what he calls interpretive communities. These communities are a collection of experiences and opinions that everyone has had throughout their lives that lead them to interpret everything around them. Dodge’s true aim with this advertisement is to target a particular interpretive community which has similar characteristics as the average buyer of the new SRTS Charger and mold that interpretive community to see the car with the identity the advertisement has created. By doing this Dodge will be able to sell more SRTS Chargers because consumers will show up at car dealerships with the false identity of the car built into their interpretive community and that identity will drive their purchase. This is fundamentally dangerous for consumers and society because it leads to individuals making major purchases based on an identity which will wear off and leave them unsatisfied until a new advertisement draws them into the same buying process.
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Bryant 2 Everything about the Dodge SRTS advertisement stands out to the consumer as powerful and elitist. The first thing a consumer notices is the car placed profoundly in the middle of the page. The car is turned at a slight angle to create a “larger then life” feel compared to the rest of the advertisement. Advertisers use all red (a power color) along with nearly blacked out windows. When someone looks at the car their imagination clicks, they start to see a car which is original and bold. It looks commanding and a rush starts to run through the consumer. Directly below the car the consumer can see the car’s name,
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Major Paper 2 - Bryant 1 Justin Bryant 1 March 2007 English...

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