Chapter 1 Vocabulary - Chapter 1 Vocabulary Politics the...

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary Politics – the process through which individuals and groups reach agreement on a course of common, or collective, action—even as they may continue to disagree on the goals that action is intended to achieve Bargaining – a form of negotiation in which two or more parties who disagree propose exchanges and concessions to find a course of acceptable collective action Compromise – settlement in which each side concedes some of its preferences in order to secure others Preferences – individuals’ choices, reflecting economic situation, religious values, ethnic identity, or other valued interests Institutions – manage potential conflicts; a set of rules prescribing a political process for reaching and enforcing collective agreements Constitution – establishes its governing institutions and the set of rules and procedures these institutions must (and must not) follow to reach and enforce collective agreements Government – the legally prescribed process for making and enforcing agreements; is made up of governing institutions Offices – confer on their occupants specific authority and responsibilities Authority – the acknowledged right to make a particular decision Power – an officeholder’s actual influence with other officeholders, and as a consequence,
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Chapter 1 Vocabulary - Chapter 1 Vocabulary Politics the...

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