Chapter 2 Vocabulary - Chapter 2 Vocabulary Articles of...

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Chapter 2 Vocabulary Articles of Confederation – the compact among the thirteen original states that formed the basis of the first government in the U.S.; were the formal basis of the national government from 1777 to 1789, when they were supplanted by the Constitution Home rule – power given by a state to a locality to enact legislation and manage its own affairs locally; also applies to Britain’s administration of the American colonies Bicameral (two chambers) legislatures – a legislature composed of two houses or chambers; the U.S. Congress (House and Senate) and every U.S. state legislature (with exception of Nebraska’s which is unicameral) are bicameral legislatures Declaration of Independence – the document drafted by Thomas Jefferson and adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4 th , 1776, declaring the independence of the thirteen colonies from Great Britain Confederation – a political system in which states or regional government retain ultimate authority except for those powers they expressly delegate to a central government Shays’s Rebellion – uprising of 1786 led by Daniel Shays, a former captain in the Continental army and a bankrupt Massachusetts farmer, to protest the state’s high taxes and aggressive debt collection policies; demonstrated a fundamental weakness in the Articles of Confederation—its inability to keep the peace—and stimulated interest in strengthening the national government, leading to the Philadelphia convention that framed the Constitution Nationalists – Constitutional reformers led by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton who sought to replace the Articles of Confederation; opposed at the Constitutional Convention
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Chapter 2 Vocabulary - Chapter 2 Vocabulary Articles of...

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