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IST 432 Team 7 Chapter 13 Summaries/ End of Chapters Dave Helt U.S. West v. FCC In re Geocities Facts : GeoCities stated in its privacy policy that mandatory PII collected by it would only be used for selling targeted ads. However, GeoCities sold the information to third parties without users' consent. Issue : Does violating one's own privacy policy by selling PII to third-parties constitute an unfair and deceptive trade practice? Decision : Yes, it does. Discussion : A privacy policy is a legal document which users agree to. If the company violates that policy, the privacy that users expected has been violated. Therefore, GeoCities should be held responsible what it did. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. If the privacy rights to prevent the use of our PII’s were to be freely let lose, the order that the internet has at this time, even though hardly any, would be nothing. Our information would be freely available(let loose) to anyone that wanted the info. Resulting in mass antarchy of the internet. 2 If the phone companies sold the customers CPNI the dangers present might be such as lose of identity, stolen identification, the collapse of the government, stolen bank accounts, stolen everything. We are a society that relies on the use of our identity, and to lose that ability would be catastrophic. Twigg v. Hercules Corp.
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Chapter_13_Case_Summary_Questions,_End_of_Chapters - IST...

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