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Midterm No-No Boy by John Okada Emi just told Ichiro that she used to feel like she was full of pride when she sang the star spangled banner at school and that feeling of fullness is what Ichiro needs. Emi tells Ichiro to “pretend” like he belongs in the society by singing the Star Spangled Banner, which will make him feel like he has American pride and in turn, will make him fit himself into America. Emi’s tone and language in this passage was in a fairy-tale and make-believe sort, she seems to escape reality into something that makes her feel secure. In the novel, Emi replaces Ichiro’s mother as the maternal figure part, she is like the ideal Japanese-American who sounds like she knows what she is doing in her life. Ichiro described the ladies as opposite of each other, making his mother sound like she is a terrible person. The war had a huge effect on the Japanese; everyone in the novel found ways to avoid the effects as much as possible. The two craziest ways were by Ichiro’s mother who believed that Japan had won the war and Emi who avoided these conflicts by pretending that she belongs. America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan Death and birth. Death of sister Irene then birth of Francisca right after. And end means a new beginning. he first heard the bells wen he left binolanian for a beginnig of his new life in America. Now it’s the end of the novel, he hears them again while he is on the road once again. He always wanted to go to America to rebuild his life and receive many opportunities and he still believes that this is where he belongs and this life is what was meant for him. No-No Boy The internal monologue takes place in the beginning of the novel, when his mother just showed him the letter about the ships that are going to come and pick them up to take them back to Japan. Ichiro refuses to believe it and tells her that she is crazy. He begins to talk to himself
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