2007-08 S - Cover Sheet 03

2007-08 S - Cover Sheet 03 - MUSC 101 M USIC A PPRECIATION...

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Unformatted text preview: MUSC 101 M USIC A PPRECIATION Spring Semester 2007-08 Prof. Andrew Cottle Welcome! We hope you will come to understand and enjoy classical music more fully, through experiences undertaken in this classroom. L ECTURES You may attend Prof. Cottles lectures at 9:05 AM , 10:10 AM , 12:20 PM or 1:25 PM , MWF. All these classes meet in Rm. 206, Kirkbride. Each of the lectures will be guided by PowerPoint slides, so they will provide equal preparation for the tests. Please note: You must take all tests with the section for which you are registered. L ISTENING Thorough understanding of several classical compositions is the richest portion of this course. You must be able to recognize the pieces from the appropriate listening list, and be knowledgeable about them. The four CDs received with the package will work in any CD player, but they will help you most when used on a computer. Listen to the compositions on the CDs while following the Listening Guide until you can recognize what is happening without the eLGs . Singing along with the themes as you walk across campus or drive in your car will help you a lot. B E AWARE , HOWEVER , THAT IGNORING THE LISTENING IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FOR YOUR GRADE AND FATAL TO YOUR PURPOSES FOR THE COURSE . Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission. T ESTS Music Appreciation, Prof. Cottle, p. 1 of 5 This is NOT an easy course! In addition to the listening, you must read the book. The lectures will not cover everything in the textbook; but are designed to help you gain the skills and understand the concepts presented in the text. Also, there will be a smallish amount of information in the lectures and on the tests that does not appear in the book. [Your tests are added together (with concert reports) for a cumulative score, then divided by the appropriate number (2, 3, or 4).] appropriate number (2, 3, or 4)....
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2007-08 S - Cover Sheet 03 - MUSC 101 M USIC A PPRECIATION...

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