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Example Essays - 9) Why was Italy the birthplace of the...

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Unformatted text preview: 9) Why was Italy the birthplace of the Renaissance Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance because Venice was a major trade port Due to trade ports, culture clash occurred Art (paintings, sculptures, architecture) developed in Florence and Venice 10) How did the Renaissance spread form Italy to northern Europe? Renaissance spread from Italy to northern Europe Again through trade ports such as Venice Scholarly work from humanists, then published on printing press (pg 339) Holy Roman Empire in Italy spreading (Germany being a part of it, etc) 11) People tend to think of the Renaissance as an Italian phenomenon, but northern Europe also underwent a renaissance. Compare and contrast the Italian Renaissance with the northern Renaissance. How do you account for the similarities and the differences? How id each renaissance reflect its particular society? Italy vs. Europe Res. pg 318 Renaissance in Italy was a period in which people began to adopt a rantional and statistical approach to reality and to rediscover the worth and creativity of the individual The Res, in Europe was characterized by growing national consciousness and political centralization, while Italys political structure was destructrued, then restructured. However Italy had an advantage over the rest of Europe culturally, with its because its geography made it a natural gateway between East and west Italy ahd city-states which for a while brought economic prosperity Humanism pg 327 individual virtue and public service spread through published writings from hunanists 12) Why has the Renaissance often been called the birth of modernity? Do you agree with this characterization? Why or why not?...
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Example Essays - 9) Why was Italy the birthplace of the...

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