d1 - Middle East Ensemble Compared to Flamenco The ensemble...

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Middle East Ensemble Compared to Flamenco The ensemble included about 40 musicians that are from a wide range of ages. There were about as much women as there were men in the group. The men wore nice black tuxedos and the women wore long, elegant, colorful dresses. They played a variety of instruments, like the clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, and some more cultural instruments, like the riqq, mizmar and darbuka. The use of these various instruments, produced different beats going at the same time. There were also singers: Jim Grippo, Dr. Mohamed Moharram, Andrea Fishman and Mohammed Ghaymouni, who sang about the beauty of the daughter of the sultan, waving a handkerchief as a sign of love, begging for forgiveness, and getting on a mule to take a girl away. The music created a fast and fun sound throughout most of the performance. There was also singing in flamenco, but the voice was harsh, which created a powerful and angry mood. A live musical group also performed the music in flamenco, but differently, they played the guitar, violin and percussion instead of the various instruments in Middle Eastern dance. There were also ensemble dancers, often seen as “belly dancers”. They were all women, unlike flamenco, which consisted of male and female dancers. The ensemble dancers wore colorful, small tops and baggy, genie-like pants. They wore a hat that had a piece of sheer fabric hanging from it. They also had strings of little clips wrapped around their hips, which clanged to each other whenever they shook their hips. The only similarity between the costumes in Middle
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d1 - Middle East Ensemble Compared to Flamenco The ensemble...

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