Test 3 Definitions

Test 3 Definitions - Menorah sacred Jew item Very important to Romans Pilaster flat columns Engaged column column that is attached to the wall

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TEST 3 TERMS Patrician- upper class wealthy land owners Plebian- smaller class farmers, slaves Pseudoperipteral- not surrounded by row of freestanding columns, some engaged Verism- very high level of realism Pax Augusta – roman peace Concrete- lighter than stone can make right in front of them Aqueduct- supplied water to the city- man made structure Arch- lintel is curved; weigh channeled down to posts, Romans used extensively Thrust- pressure exerted by the vault Barrel vault- series of arches extended into space. Simple Groin vault- intersection of 2 barrel vaults at right angles Buttress- masonry support Triumphal arch- large arch that celebrates victories of an emperor Composite order- combination of 2 orders
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Unformatted text preview: Menorah- sacred Jew item. Very important to Romans Pilaster- flat columns Engaged column- column that is attached to the wall Velarium- cloth that is stretched over coliseum to protect people from storms Amphitheatre- oval theater with seats hat gradually rise from a central arena Domus- Latin word for house; elite Atrium- opening in roof Cubicula- lain word for room Basilica- municipal hall, courthouse, city hall Dome- arch rotated around a circumference of a circle Forum- square of rectangle open space- downtown area Caesar Augustus- grand nephew of Julius Caesar. Crushes forces in Egypt. Augustus means supreme....
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