notes taken on Sumer

notes taken on Sumer - Large scale irrigation systems,...

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Sumer- different city states never forming a united nation and also each has their own local God -very flat, not a lot of natural protection - open to trade but also open to invasion - Sumerians first to invent a form of writing: cuneiform – wedge shaped characters - first to develop poetry, documents, history, which gives us better idea about how they lived - firstto learn how to use wheel and plow.
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Unformatted text preview: Large scale irrigation systems, control flood waters- pottery, metal working as well, crafts- extremelyreligious, polytheism- many different gods. Superhuman in powers, immortal, humans or animals.- did not worship rulers, but believed they could transmit the commands of the god to the people.- templewas physically center of life for everyone. Center of spiritual life. Controlled everything....
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