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PRM 380 Assignment Two: Examination Preview Name:_________________________________________________ True or False: 1._____ Railroad companies were very influential in the development of many early attractions in the USA, such as our National Parks. 2._____ The USTTA is currently the largest active tourism organization in the USA. 3._____ Excursionists are tourists who travel for shorter periods of time. 4._____ Generally speaking, it is a A buyer = s market @ for labor in the travel and tourism industry. Matching: 5._____ WTO A. describes a type of traveler or a reason cited for traveling 6._____ TIA B. UN affiliate headquartered in Madrid 7._____ OTTI C. Department of Commerce office founded in 2002 8._____ VFR
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Unformatted text preview: Multiple Choice Questions: 9. Which one of these best describes the volume (measured by number of travelers) of U.S. motorcoach travel? a. it is more than two billion travelers b. it is over half the volume of air travel c. it is not as great as cruise or rail travel d. it is less than 100 million travelers e. it is about 10% the volume of air travel 10. In a hypothetical country Gondwanaland , inbound tourism is $11,000,000 per year, outbound tourism is $7,000,000, and internal tourism is $14,000,000. What figure represents country Gondwanaland = s national tourism total? a. $14,000,000 b. $18,000,000 c. $21,000,000 d. $25,000,000 e. $32,000,000...
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