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Stats in context2

Stats in context2 - message here is much more effectively...

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Stats in context #2 a.) I chose to use an advertisement found in the October 2006 issue of Christianity Today. The advertisement can be found on page 21 of the magazine, which was found in the Westmont library. b.) This advertisement stated that 1 out of 5 Christians discovered Christ through a friend. The audience that this ad is intended to reach out to is any Christian who may have a friend or family member who may not know Christ and can help lead them into the knowledge of what could be their salvation. The role that this statistic plays in this message is to show that many Christians have already found Christ through a friend and that each and every Christian should not be afraid to share their knowledge with loved ones. The statistic used in this advertisement seems to be for the sole benefit of sharing the knowledge of Christ with others and by letting people know that so many Christians found Christ through a friend it may influence them to share the word as well. The
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Unformatted text preview: message here is much more effectively conveyed through the use of this statistic and would not be as successful without it. The statistic used would need to be researched in order to find its origin and validity, and it is rather skeptical that such an accurate statistic can be used for all Christians across the world. I believe that this is an effective statistic when not looked upon further however I also believe that with further research this statistic may include a much smaller sample group than is necessary to include all Christians in the mix. c.) There is a website listed on the advertisement containing the source for the statistic which is http://www.barna.org/flexpage.aspx?page=barnaupdate&barnaupdateid=172 . However in reading through the site there is no place to find the validity of the statistic and further research will need to be done to find the source of it....
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