Guns, Germs, and Steel

Guns, Germs, and Steel - Does it justify domination or the...

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Does it justify domination or the inevitability of the outcome? Knowledge is good. . but how it is used/distributed is what's important. Does it promote Euro-centric approach to history? Yes, but can be solved by focusing on not europe. Does it promote civilization equated with "good?" We already know the answer and it is. .. Genetics, Climate (not so much, Northern Europe didn't have some of the start tech until they got it from tropical countries. Look at the Mayans and Incans.), Lowland river valleys in dry climates, Why did Europe colonize the rest of the world and not vice versa. Anw: Guns, germs, steel 4 different environmental differences that account for courses 1. differences of domesticable plants and animals 2. differences in ability to migrate within continents 3. differences in ability to migrate between continents 4. differences in area and population size Why not China and the Middle east since they are in eurasia? china didn't go out and conquer the world because it was easy to unify.
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