United Nations and the International System

United Nations and the International System - Created near...

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Created near the end of WW2 by the Allied Powers (US, UK, France, Russia, China) Fundamental mission is to promote peace 1. Creates norms against violence 2. Providing a debate alternative 3. Diplomatic Intervention inquiry/fact finding missions good offices - neutral setting that the UN provides for a safe place to talk in a UN office Mediation - the step beyond just providing a space. .. it is a little more involved as a 3rd party mediator Arbitration - Starting to make suggestions in the mediation Adjudication - Not making recommendations. .. but a more formal trial type setting 4. Sanctions 5. Peacekeeping Administrative Bodies General Assembly Like the Legislature of the UN Every member state has a vote. . all states are equal. 2/3 majority on major issues required. Security Council Membership: P5 (Veto Powers), 10 elected members. elected by region for two years. Structured to make action less likely than more likely. . to weaken aggressive tendencies Chapter 6 and 7 of the UN charter refer to the UNSC and threats to intl peace. Chapter 6: Looks like something is going to lead to conflict. .. If a resolution uses 6 then it asks for a state to stop doing something that could lead to conflict. Chapter 7: Something has already happened that threatens global security. A much stronger mandate. This is where the authorization of force comes in. ECOSOC - UN Economic and Social Council Attempts to coordinate the UN and reduce redundancies UN Commission on Human Rights UN Children's Fund World Food Programme World Health Organization
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United Nations and the International System - Created near...

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