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Mark 101 2007 Week 9 Chpt 14 and 15 Monday

Promotion seeks to shift the demand curve more

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Unformatted text preview: sage The 3 Basic Objectives of The 3 Basic Objectives of Promotion To inform To persuade To remind So that an increase in price doesn’t reduce quantity sold as well as for any given price, more are sold. Promotion seeks to shift the demand curve More inelastic elastic Price To the right Price Quantity Both to the right and more elastic inelastic Price Quantity Quantity How does the How does the communications process work? any distraction that reduces the effectiveness of the communication process the sender of a The source deciding what to to be credible) words/symbols that convey the same meaning to the receiver Communication process message (needs say and translating it into NOISE Noise Source Encoding Methods of delivering the message Message channel Feedback noise Customer initiates communication w/ search for info in some message channel on some topic where the source’s message is then received by the customer (receiver) Receiver translating the message back From the words/symbols Potential customer Receiver Decoding Fields of experience Channel of Source Encode Message Communication D e c o d Receiver Common frame of reference Feedback loop Noise International aspects of International aspects of marketing communications • Difficulties in designing an effective marketing • • • communications program – Language – Will the same benefits be sought by different consumers? – Can the types of messages used in the domestic market be effectively used elsewhere? Global campaigns – Same segment of consumers around the world – Standardised approach to marketing communications Tailoring to meet the needs of the target markets Internet opportunities Miscommunications……… …....
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