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Ben Budnevich 000883284 Environmental Issues 1. Go to the World Resources Institute's (WRI) EarthTrends Environmental Information website. Use the searchable database and locate information on "Forest Extent: Total forest extent, net change". Generate a table for all the countries in the world for the period 2000-2005. About two-thirds of the worldwide net loss of forest area in the years 2000-2005 can be accounted for by just two nations. Which two? China and Brazil. 2. Go to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Find the three other nations (besides the U.S.) that had Total Primary Energy Consumption in excess of 20 Quads in 2005. Russia, China, Japan 3. Of the following nations, which had greater Per Capita Total Primary Energy Consumption than the United States in 2005: Canada, Iceland, Kuwait, Norway Canada: 436.2, Iceland: 489.6, Kuwait: 498.3, and Norway: 455.7 are all greater then U.S.: 340.5 4. Go to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) report
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