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LITRWEEK11 - Part I In Theodore Roethkes My Papas Waltz it...

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Part I In Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz,” it can be looked at as a bad story that has no morals. The father was a man that I do not believe I could get along with because of his ways. The young boy really loves his father and thinks about the fun they have almost all the time. The young boy papa loved to drink and when he drank he loved to waltz. The boy remembers his farther not as an abuser or drunk, but as a fun loving father who loved to have fun dancing with his son. The speaker in this story seems to be scared of how much and when his father got drunk. This story represents memories both good and bad from the speakers childhood days with his father. When Roethke said, “You beat time on my head, With a palm caked hard by dirt” (Roethke 308) made me think of something totally different then abuse. When I read it I can believe that the meaning was the father was just teaching his son a lesson about being late or something to do with taking time seriously. I believe overall, the speaker is talking about how his father would come home
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