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Lecture 10 - Lecture 10 animla growth development and...

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Lecture # 10 animla growth, development and evaluation meat animals types have changed in the past 75 years due to consumer demands and production efficiency the 30’s to 60’s – very fat, short, early maturity dwarfism – problem from this 1965 – USDA developed the yield grade system so that changed the cattle industry. 1969 – first year a crossbred at Chicago Stock Show 70’s and 80’s – super tall cattle, had really good cutability, but no quality Why study animal growth producer desired meat product $$$ efficient animal production consumer nutritious food product primarily as a protein source growth generally an increase in size specifically, growth in the mass of structurall tissues example: bone, muscle, fat and organs economics is the main driver consumer preferences production efficiencies we are getting consumer pressure to have a consistent supply that is of high quality and nutritious Traits on a good animal thick, strong, level top long neck wide, deep loin trim, neat throat, dewlap and brisket smooth shoulders, strong pasterns deep fore rib well sprung ribs trim middle long, deep quarter market cattle what determines profit?
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o weight o quality o yield we need to put emphasis on this when we judge
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