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Lecture Notes Week 5 - Quality grades Rank Prime Prime 1...

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Practicum Lecture #5 october 10 th , ag career day Beef Judging beef carcasses are evaluated 60% on quality and 40% cutability quality grade all carcasses for adequate marbling to grade choice or higher cutability should be evaluated 2 nd a difference of 1.5 yield or more in yield grade can be used to place a carcass of a lower quality (1 quality group) above a higher quality carcass, a difference of 2 whole yield grades can be used to place a carcass of much lower quality (2 quality groups) over a much higher quality Quality group
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Unformatted text preview: Quality grades Rank Prime Prime 1 Top choice (upper 2/3) High and average choice 2 Choice (start of premiums) Low choice 3 Select Select 4 Standard Standard 5 Commercial/utility Old 6 Pork Judging pork carcasses are ranked on 90% cutablity and 10% quality once quality is determined to be acceptable, carcasses are ranked 100% on cutability 10 th rib BF – if it is less than .3, ranking will go down PSE – Pale, soft, exudative (don’t want it to look like chicken breast) 16,000 – start of a large plant a day...
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