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Lecture Notes week 11 - Lecture Notes point quiz next...

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Lecture Notes week 11 20 point quiz next Tuesday Breeding Cattle Evaluation Shane Bedwell Where We’ve Been ~ different types of animals over the past ~ Shorthorn bull at Chicago is decent even in our time 1937 little shorter little smaller earlier maturing they were more conservative weight still have the length of back 1950 pushed it too far very faddish “short snorter” way too compact too fat, too early maturing it came from the breeding cattle because our market animals came from them 1953 continued in the same thing Belt buckle cattle – waist high too short, too compact, too fat 1964 began to see the dwarfism gene set in were line breeding for short and fat started selecting for a little bigger animal 1969 we didn’t have the genetics in country to get them leaner, bigger we imported from Canada 1988 Got really big we responded too much to the decision in 1969 were now frame 10 compared to a frame 3 huge animals going into continental breeds lack of quality and frame were too big not very good for meeting physical requirements. if we don’t meet maintenance requirements, we can’t expect them to reproduce 1994 went from a frame 10 to a frame 7
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more moderate framed cattle are more functional we have been implementing more carcass quality what is needed by the consumer a frame size 6 is more what we are using now, in breeding and market we have been selecting from a quality standpoint – yield and quality Breeding Cattle Bulls – what makes a good breeding bull
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Lecture Notes week 11 - Lecture Notes point quiz next...

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