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Lecture Notes week 13 - Lecture Week 13 purpose convert...

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Lecture Week 13 purpose convert forages to milk and milk products for human consumption milk production by dairy cows is the most efficient feed to food conversion in the livestock industry average milk production per cow per day is 82 lbs (about 10 gallons a day) The US consumes 15 percent of the world milk and dairy products dairy as a % of total farm cash receipts in 2003 -2006 government payments 6.95% livestock – 37.46% all dairy – 9.81% total crop – 45.80% historical perspective early 1800’s o cows were milked but it was not a specialized industry o cows were dual purpose milk and meat o no specialized breeds in the us Civil war o dairy industry began to develop o located near large populations 1851 – first cheese factory 1856 – Gail Broden patented condensed milk 1861 – mechanical refrigeration was developed 1864* - Louis Pasteur developed the process of pasteurization 1868 – 1880 – dairy cows imported from Holland to produced higher quantities of milk per cow 1871- refrigerated railcars 1875 – silos for feed storage 1895 – commercial pasteurization machines 1903 – first mechanical milking machined decrease labor 1906 – paper milk cartons decrease costs
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Lecture Notes week 13 - Lecture Week 13 purpose convert...

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