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Lecture Notes Week 32

Lecture Notes Week 32 - • ¼ 54’s 50’s length in...

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Lab #3 Merino – fine in fiber diameter rougher fabric – larger diameter fibers 3 Systems of determining volume Blood system (% of Merino blood) fine –full Merino or Merino influence half blood – Rambouillet 3/8 blood – Columbia/Corridale ¼ blood – Lincoln spin count if we have a lb of thread vs a lb of shoelaces – there will be more length of thread Fines - 70’s 64’s half blood – 62’, 60’s 3/8 – 58’s 56’s
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Unformatted text preview: • ¼ - 54’s 50’s length in yards Microns some sheep will shed the wool/hair wash and scour wool – remove lanolin dye card the wool – separate spin into thread or yarn Benefits • resists wrinkles • resists soiling • retains shape • repels moisture • is durable • resists flames • is comfortable in all seasons woolen vs worsted woolen – sweaters/carpets worsted – finer diameter...
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