Lecture Notes Week 32

Lecture Notes Week 32 - - 54s 50s length in yards Microns...

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Lab #3 Merino – fine in fiber diameter rougher fabric – larger diameter fibers 3 Systems of determining volume Blood system (% of Merino blood) fine –full Merino or Merino influence half blood – Rambouillet 3/8 blood – Columbia/Corridale ¼ blood – Lincoln spin count if we have a lb of thread vs a lb of shoelaces – there will be more length of thread Fines - 70’s 64’s half blood – 62’, 60’s 3/8 – 58’s 56’s
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Unformatted text preview: - 54s 50s length in yards Microns some sheep will shed the wool/hair wash and scour wool remove lanolin dye card the wool separate spin into thread or yarn Benefits resists wrinkles resists soiling retains shape repels moisture is durable resists flames is comfortable in all seasons woolen vs worsted woolen sweaters/carpets worsted finer diameter...
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