Lecture week 8

Lecture week 8 - Livestock Practicum Lecture 8 MIDTERM...

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Livestock Practicum Lecture 8 MIDTERM after today, we will know everything at least 10 questions from this discussion at least 10 from nutrition breeds, yield/quality grading, wool eval, horse industry, HISTORY Nest week, we are going to study there will be some reride questions Midterm will be given during the lab session Animal Heath Herd and flock Heath management in food animals objective maintain the health and wellbeing of livestock reproduction production market value profitability animal heath is a marketable facet having sound heath, they have higher value because it will be less expensive to care for Health objectives maintenance of animal health identify disease risks understand causes (things that lead to disease) and determinants (things we can control) recognize inter relationships of factorials – interrelated factors balance of immunity and exposure prevention of disease establish goals and targets – may have to accept a small level of disease economic basis of objectives. Health maintaenance animal welfare o comfort facilities, housing environment o nutrition basic nutritional needs o handling stress reduction animal husbandry
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potiential for disease Risk risk identification o the probability of disease in any given situation probability determined by two factors o nature of the hazard o extent of exposure to the hazard the product of the two adds to the overall risk of disease risk analysis and management Risk perspectives we have risk perspective – based on the individual, the herd, the operational level (sustainablility of the)
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Lecture week 8 - Livestock Practicum Lecture 8 MIDTERM...

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