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Midterm what to know - fill in the blank and multiple...

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What to be prepared for on the test Be familiar with the wool hand out, don’t worry about the history. Worry about what makes good fleeces, focus on quality make sure you know how to place wool understand USDA yield grades in beef. Do you know what the number mean and what influences it know what a nutrient is from the nutrition lab there were calculations from that lab, don’t worry about ballencing DO know As fed vs. dry matter don’t worry about costs of feed know about breeds know what british and continental distinguishing breeds on what color they are, pretty even across the board
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Unformatted text preview: fill in the blank and multiple choice you need to know how to figure out FFL need to understand maturity in beef carcasses need to know how to figure yield grades in beef and sheep spelling is going to count on the breeds No history, do need to know the acts Horses – if you listened to the lecture, you should be fine two pictures for breeds, with a description sentence 62 questions, 100 points beef judging and pork judging – understand what affects yield and quality and FFL have and what the adjustments are most popular breed of sheep - suffock...
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