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DQ 2-9-07 - PSC 001 1 Democracy is not a universal value...

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PSC 001 2/9/07 1) Democracy is not a universal value. According to Freedom House, over half of the world's population live in societies where individuals enjoy little to no freedom. There are several aspects of a society that can make it incompatible with the idea of democracy, the first of which are poverty and inequality, with poverty and inequality comes illiteracy which prevents or at least makes it difficult for the general public to get themselves involved with the politics of their government. One cultural aspect that makes democracy difficult to achieve is the religion of Islam. In Islamic societies, political power and religious power are linked and laws are not determined by man, but handed down by Allah. 2) One of the pros of democratic political systems is that the people are able to chose their own ruler and stick with the good leaders and replace the bad ones. Another of the pros democratic political systems is that since the rulers are elected by the people, the laws these rulers create are more likely to be obeyed and enforced.
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