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Unformatted text preview: nternal Combustion Engine Parts n 1213 Brake power = 10 kW; Bore = 140 mm; Stroke = 270 mm; Speed = 500 r.p.m. and maximum gas pressure = 3.5 N/mm2. The valve open 30° before top dead centre and closes 2° after bottom dead centre. It opens and closes with constant acceleration and deceleration for each half of the lift. The length of the rocker arm on either side of the fulcrum is 150 mm and the included angle is 135°. The mass of the valve is 0.3 kg. UEST STIONS Q UEST IONS 1. Explain the various types of cylinder liners. 2. Discuss the design of piston for an internal combustion engine. 3. State the function of the following for an internal combustion engine piston: (a) Ribs ; (b) Piston rings ; (c) Piston skirt ; and (d) Piston pin 4. What is the function of a connecting rod of an internal combustion engine? 5. Explain the various stresses induced in the connecting rod. 6. Under what force, the big end bolts and caps are designed? 7. Explain the various types of crankshafts. 8. At what angle of the crank, the twisting moment is maximum in the crankshaft? 9. What are the methods and materials used in the manufacture of crankshafts? 10. Sketch a valve gear mechanism of an internal combustion engine and label its various parts. 11. Discuss the materials commonly used for making the valve of an I. C. engine. 12. Why the area of the inlet valve port is made larger than the area of exhaust valve port? Transmission mechanism in a truck...
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