10 sketch a valve gear mechanism of an internal

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Unformatted text preview: 600 mm gas engine. The weight of the flywheel is 80 kN and the explosion pressure is 2.5 N/mm2. The gas pressure at maximum torque is 0.9 N/mm2 when the crank angle. is 30º. The connecting rod is 4.5 times the crank radius. Any other data required for the design may be assumed. 9. Design a rocker arm of I-section made of cast steel for operating an exhaust valve of a gas engine. The effective length of the rocker arm is 250 mm and the angle between the arm is 135°. The exhaust valve is 80 mm in diameter and the gas pressure when the valve begins to open is 0.4 N/mm2. The greatest suction pressure is 0.03 N/mm2 below atmospheric. The initial load may be assumed as 0.05 N/mm2 of valve area and the valve inertia and friction losses as 120 N. The ultimate strength of cast steel is 750 MPa. The allowable bearing pressure is 8 N/mm2 and the permissible stress in the material is 72 MPa. 10. Design the various components of a valve gear mechanism for a horizontal diesel engine having the following specifications: I...
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