25 nmm2 of the projected area for low speed engines

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Unformatted text preview: ngth of the piston skirt should be such that the bearing pressure on the piston barrel due to the side thrust does not exceed 0.25 N.mm2 of the projected area for low speed engines and 0.5 N/mm2 for high speed engines. It may be noted that the maximum thrust will be during the expansion stroke. The side thrust (R) on the cylinder liner is usually taken as 1/10 of the maximum gas load on the piston. Valve Push rod Cylinder head above piston Cooling fins Ignition leads Magneto Exhaust pipe Ignition timing Gearbox Spur gear on end of crankshaft 1000 cc twin -cylinder motorcycle engine. We know that maximum gas load on the piston, πD 2 4 ∴ Maximum side thrust on the cylinder, P = p× πD 2 ...(i) 4 where p = Maximum gas pressure in N/mm2, and D = Cylinder bore in mm. The side thrust (R) is also given by R = Bearing pressure × Projected bearing area of the piston skirt = pb × D × l where l = Length of the piston skirt in mm. ...(ii) R = P/10 = 0.1 p × 1138 n A Textbook of Machine Design From equations...
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