322 a a cylinder liner which have its outer surface

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Unformatted text preview: inder liner which have its outer surface in direct contact with the engine cooling water, is known as wet liner, as shown in Fig. 32.2 (b). The cylinder liners are made from good quality close grained cast iron (i.e. pearlitic cast iron), nickel cast iron, nickel chromium cast iron. In some cases, nickel chromium cast steel with molybdenum may be used. The inner surface of the liner should be properly heat-treated in order to obtain a hard surface to reduce wear. 32.4 Design of a Cylinder In designing a cylinder for an I. C. engine, it is required to determine the following values : 1. Thickness of the cylinder wall. The cylinder wall is subjected to gas pressure and the piston side thrust. The gas pressure produces the following two types of stresses : (a) Longitudinal stress, and (b) Circumferential stress. Cam Piston ring seals the piston to prevent gases escaping Camshaft controls the valves Air intake Valve lets fuel and air in and exhaust gases out Alternator Belt drives alternator to supply electricity to spark plugs. Dip stick to check...
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