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Unformatted text preview: ominal diameter of the tappet (dn) is given as Internal Combustion Engine Parts n 1195 dn = dc / 0.84 The diameter of the circular end of the rocker arm (D3) and its depth (t4) is taken as twice the nominal diameter of the tappet (dn), i.e. D3 = 2 dn ; and t4 = 2 dn 5. Design for valve spring.The valve spring is used to provide sufficient force during the valve lifting process in order to overcome the inertia of valve gear and to keep it with the cam without bouncing. The spring is generally made from plain carbon spring steel. The total load for which the spring is designed is equal to the sum of initial load and load at full lift. Let W1 = Initial load on the spring = Force on the valve tending to draw it into the cylinder on suction stroke, W2 = Load at full lift = Full lift × Stiffness of spring ∴ Total load on the spring, W = W1 + W2 Note : Here we are only interested in calculating the total load on the spring. The design of the valve spring is done in the similar ways as discussed for compression springs in Chapter 23 on Spr...
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