65 to 08 times the cylinder bore now the total length

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Unformatted text preview: (i) and (ii), the length of the piston skirt (l) is determined. In actual practice, the length of the piston skirt is taken as 0.65 to 0.8 times the cylinder bore. Now the total length of the piston (L) is given by L = Length of skirt + Length of ring section + Top land The length of the piston usually varies between D and 1.5 D. It may be noted that a longer piston provides better bearing surface for quiet running of the engine, but it should not be made unnecessarily long as it will increase its own mass and thus the inertia forces. 32.12 Piston Pin The piston pin (also called gudgeon pin or wrist pin) is used to connect the piston and the connecting rod. It is Fig.32.5. Piston pin. usually made hollow and tapered on the inside, the smallest inside diameter being at the centre of the pin, as shown in Fig. 32.5. The piston pin passes through the bosses provided on the inside of the piston skirt and the bush of the small end of the connecting rod. The centre of piston pin should be 0.02 D to 0.04 D above the centre of the skirt, in order to off...
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