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75 t2 to t2 the depth of the ring grooves should be

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Unformatted text preview: ) in the piston may be made equal to or slightly less than the axial thickness of the ring (t2). ∴ Width of other ring lands, b2 = 0.75 t2 to t2 The depth of the ring grooves should be more than the depth of the ring so that the ring does not take any piston side thrust. The gap between the free ends of the ring is given by 3.5 t1 to 4 t1. The gap, when the ring is in the cylinder, should be 0.002 D to 0.004 D. 32.10 Piston Barrel It is a cylindrical portion of the piston. The maximum thickness (t3) of the piston barrel may be obtained from the following empirical relation : t3 = 0.03 D + b + 4.5 mm Internal Combustion Engine Parts n 1137 where b = Radial depth of piston ring groove which is taken as 0.4 mm larger than the radial thickness of the piston ring (t1) = t1 + 0.4 mm Thus, the above relation may be written as t3 = 0.03 D + t1 + 4.9 mm The piston wall thickness (t4) towards the open end is decreased and should be taken as 0.25 t3 to 0.35 t3. 32.11 Piston Skirt The portion of the piston below the ring section is known as piston skirt. In acts as a bearing for the side thrust of the connecting rod. The le...
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