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Unformatted text preview: ylinder is 5 N/mm2 at a speed of 3500 r.p.m. The cylinder diameter is required to be 300 mm with stroke 1.5 times the diameter. The piston may have 4 compression rings and an oil ring. The following data can be used for design: 1212 n A Textbook of Machine Design Higher calorific value of fuel = 46 × 103kJ/kg; Temperature at the piston centre = 700 K; Tempressure at the piston edge = 475 K; Heat conductivity factor = 46.6 W/m/K; Heat conducted through top = 5% of heat produced; Permissible tensile strength for the material of piston = 27 N/mm2; Pressure between rings and piston = 0.04 N/mm2; Permissible tensile stress in rings = 80 N/mm2; Permissible Pressure on piston barrel = 0.4 N/mm2; Permissible pressure on piston pin = 15 N/mm2; Permissible stress in piston pin = 85 N/mm2. Any other data required for the design may be assumed. 4. Determine the dimensions of an I-section connecting rod for a petrol engine from the following data: Diameter of the piston = 110 mm; Mass of the reciprocating parts = 2 kg; Length of the connecting rod...
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